ALL ORDERS PLACED BETWEEN APRIL 11 and 23 WILL BE SHIPPED AFTER APRIL 24, 2024 as I am travelling ~Robin

Student Gallery

Have you taken a workshop or purchased a kit from Hooking Outside the Lines?  

Please send me a photo of your finished piece, with your name (as you would like it to appear), the year you made it, the title of it (if applicable) and the size.  

I will add it to this gallery!    Send me your photos: 



Original Sky Designed and Hooked by Shelley Lipscombe

(Started at RHGNS Rug School May 2023) 



Original Sky Designed and Hooked by Krista Stott-Jones. 

(Started at RHGNS Rug School May 2023) 




Pink Lily hooked by Maryann Vaughan, March 2023 


Blue Lily by Winnie Glavine, March 2023



Pink Lily by Krystal Hamm, March 2023


Mixed media, Hand hooked feather on painted canvas by Colleen Tiefenthal, 2023 (Feather workshop in Florida Feb 2023) 



February Violets hooked by Heather Bazinet, 2023 


Beginner Fine Oxford Punch Needle Coaster Workshop, Punch By Sharalyn Hunter, February 2023


 Double sided holiday ornament, punched by Kimberly Haslam, December 2022

Reversible Oxford Punch Ornament, punched by Martha Gottlieb, Dec 2022 


Reversible Oxford Punched Ornament, punched by Kaz Stone, Dec 2022


Reversible Punching Ornament, punched by Elizabeth Thimlar, November 2022 


Hooked and designed  by Cathy Edwards, Flower Design Class 2022


Dolly Pollard's impressionistic interpretation of clouds, 2022 

Kira, Designed and hooked by her owner Robyn LaForest, 2021 in mixed fibres. Pet Portrait workshop.  


Makwa, designed and hooked by his owner Kazuko Stone in mixed fibres, 2021. Pet Portrait workshop


Garden in Spain, Designed and Hooked by Karen Garbee, 2021, 10"x10",  Angles and Architecture workshop 



“Gramma’s Place” (21”x14”) March 2021

Designed and hooked by Carol Pugsley from Robin’s Angles and Architecture workshop

Designed and hooked by Carol Pugsley, 14” round.  March 2020,  Robin’s Mandala Workshop

Designed and Hooked by Judith Lilley, inspired by the Flower Design Workshop, 2021  


Hooked By Monnie Black , Fun Feathers Workshop 

Both hooked by Monnie Black, kit by River House Rug Hooking, Mounted on canvas 

Hooked by Suzanne Mulligan-Born in February 2021. Snowflake kit designed by Robin Whitford. 

Designed and hooked by Suzanne Mulligan-Born March 2021. Practice piece from Robin Whitford's Flower Design Class. 


"The Cottage" Designed and hooked by Lara Wellman, 12x18", 2020. Angles and Architecture workshop. 
Designed and hooked by Marie van Berkel, 2021
Kits from Deanne Fitzpatrick, hooked by Marie van Berkel, 2021
Pillow hooked by Sally Gilbert, Colour Wheel Feather kit by Hooking Outside the lines, 2021 
Fun Feather hooked by Allyson Currie Sills, 2021